Konnan Talks The Aftermath Of Tessa Blanchard-La Rosa Negra Situation

Years after Tessa Blanchard was said to have uttered racial slurs towards La Rosa Negra during a tour of Japan, the two appeared to put their issues to rest during WrestleMania weekend. Whether that leads to Blanchard, a former top women's star who has since vanished from the wrestling scene, making a comeback is unknown, but one thing that's clear is that she has at least one supporter in AAA booker Konnan. On the latest "Keepin' it 100," Konnan and Disco Inferno discussed the past issues between Blanchard and Rosa Negra, which quickly veered into a conversation, not about the incident, but about cancel culture, and talents such as Alberto El Patron and Marty Scurll.

"Here's the thing about cancel culture, that you've learned and I learned," Konnan said. "They don't forgive, they don't forget, they just destroy. That's all they're f*****g after. That's why I got a lot of heat for using Alberto [El Patron] and Marty Scurll. And it's like, are we supposed to not let them ever work again ... I got letters from people that I know were well-intentioned. 'Oh, you're going to be blackballed. Nobody's going to work with you.' All this other stuff. I'm like 'I really don't give a f**k. I'm not hear to f*****g please anybody ... In the very limited sample size I've worked with both, they've been nothing but exemplary."

During the Speaking Out movement in 2020, Scurll was accused of taking advantage of an intoxicated 16-year-old girl several years before. He would admit later the encounter occurred, though he claimed it was consensual. That same year, El Patron was arrested for sexual assault after being accused by his girlfriend. The charges were dismissed a year later when his accuser didn't show up to court.

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