EC3 Says He Emailed Tony Khan After CM Punk/Elite AEW All Out Brawl, Never Heard Back

If there's one thing everyone knows about EC3, it's that he enjoys controlling his narrative, and appearing for OVW or the NWA in the year 2023. Alas, one of the things he can't control is who emails him back, such as AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan. During an interview with "The Wrestling Outlaws", EC3 revealed to hosts Vince Russo and Dr. Chris that he reached out to Khan last year shortly after the infamous alleged backstage brawl following All Out 2022. However, the reason for the email wasn't because EC3 was looking to become All Elite.


"I emailed Tony," EC3 said. "Not at all with the intent to get a job, that's how I led off the email. It was when all the initial Punk and Young Bucks and all that thing went off. Just cause I thought he might be a guy who lacked anybody that would just ... he doesn't have a close relationship with to tell him something. It was just an inspirational, leadership message, because in theory, I do believe we need as much competition as possible for the sanctity of the industry. So I sent a hopefully inspirational message on leadership and what it takes. I've never heard anything back."

Whether or not EC3's email went unanswered because it wound up in Khan's spam folder, or because Khan was simply too busy trying to control AEW's narrative at the time remains a mystery. Given that all the core players of the All Out incident are either on their way back to the promotion or featured heavily on "AEW Dynamite" at the moment, it seems that Khan found positive inspiration from somewhere, even if it wasn't from EC3.


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