Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens Agree That Either Uso Makes Sense As Dethroner Of Roman Reigns

Last night's "WWE SmackDown" went off the air with Jey Uso hoisting Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the air after telling "The Tribal Chief" that he's coming for his title. The segment seemingly set up the rumored Reigns vs. Uso match at SummerSlam, with the looming possibility of Jey being crowned the new "Head of the Table" and WWE's top champion.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn — two men who have been intertwined with The Bloodline's story for over a year — have given their endorsement to either of the Usos to end Reigns' historic title reign.

"Either Jey or Jimmy — I think both those guys deserve the world, and both those guys would be fantastic Universal World Champions," Owens told Inside The Ropes. "I think they'd be a shoo-in for that spot, they'd be great at it, and honestly, with the way everything has progressed, and the new heights they've reached, it certainly wouldn't look out of place."

Zayn echoed his tag partner's sentiments, explaining why one of the Usos dethroning Reigns would be the fitting end to the three-year Bloodline story.

"I think from a character and story perspective, it does make sense to see Jimmy or Jey do it," Zayn admitted. "I think a lot of characters have come along throughout the last three years who could have been a very fitting ending. I think I was one, Cody [Rhodes] was one, and even Drew [McIntyre] to a certain extent. There have been a couple of moments — even Kevin [Owens] at points could have been the bow on the story, the culmination of this whole thing. But, it does seem at this point after everything else, that Jimmy or Jey would be the most fitting."

The results of a Wrestling Inc. survey in late May deemed that Cody Rhodes was still the ideal person to end Reigns' reign. However, a lot has changed since that survey was conducted, the most notable one being that Reigns is no longer invincible, and can be beat