Mandy Rose's WWE Title Match Ring Gear Has Surpassed $29K (So Far) In Online Auction

A set of former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose's ring gear is currently being auctioned off by Rose herself on eBay, and the going price is nearly $30,000 so far. At the time of this writing, the current winning bid sits at $29,500. Bidding for the former WWE star's gear began this past Wednesday at $5,000, and the auction is set to close next Wednesday afternoon.

Rose was released by WWE this past December, reportedly due to issues WWE took with explicit content Rose was posting on her page on the FanTime website. Her release came the day after her historic 413-day reign as "NXT" Women's Champion was ended by Roxanne Perez. It was later revealed that Rose made $1,000,000 off of her FanTime page the month of her release.

As far as any potential in-ring future for Rose, she's said thus far that she doesn't know if it will ever happen. She described her title loss and subsequent release as a "gut punch" and disputed that her release was due to her FanTime page. When discussing if she could pop up somewhere outside of WWE, such as AEW, Rose didn't rule out the possibility but has said that a wrestling return is not her main focus currently.