FTR Hypes Up AEW All In Match Against Young Bucks, Talks Tension Between Teams

AEW Tag Team Champions FTR has discussed their match with The Young Bucks at All In and how it could be the biggest match of their careers, while also stating that there's a bit of tension between the two teams. 

The duo recently spoke to "DAZN Wrestling," where they said that their match at All In — which was confirmed on this week's "AEW Dynamite" — has the potential to be a huge one for them.

"I think that it would be, it has the potential if — you know, if these guys decide they want to do it — I think it has the potential to be the biggest match of Cash and I's career," said Dax Harwood. 

Harwood loved the previous two matches the two tag teams were involved in, but pointed out the missing element in their first encounter at Full Gear in 2020.

"Before we even came to AEW, all you heard about was FTR vs. Young Bucks — excuse me, The Revival versus the Young Bucks — what would happen if those two teams got in the ring," said Harwood. "You know, the first match we had was during the pandemic — and I loved it, I'm very proud of the match, but if we could have had that Full Gear match 2020 in front of 10,000 people, it would have been that much more special. And then our second match was on 'Dynamite,' I actually enjoyed that match better than the pay-per-view match."

FTR concede that there's tension between the two teams

During the interview, the AEW tag team champions admitted that there is some tension between them and The Young Bucks. Dax Harwood feels that the strained relations between them could be because each team thinks they're the best tag team in the world.

"I feel that there's some underlying tension between the two teams," Harwood said. "Not saying that we dislike each other, but there's some underlying tension because we think — and, you know, this is a shoot — we honestly think we're the best tag team of our generation and could be the best tag team of all time, and I think they feel the same way about themselves."

The friction between the two AEW tag teams could also be because of the backstage issues between CM Punk — who is a friend of FTR — and The Elite, with Punk criticizing "Hangman" Adam Page recently once again. While the two teams are seemingly not on the same page, Harwood has a lot of respect for the Young Bucks and their achievements in pro wrestling.

FTR respect The Young Bucks despite their differences

Dax Harwood stated that although there's tension between FTR and The Young Bucks, he respects the Bucks and what they've done for tag team wrestling over the years. 

"I mean I respect the hell out of them. They carried tag team wrestling for quite a while we were on the main roster in WWE and not doing anything," said the AEW Tag Team champion. He hopes that their rivals respect them too, not just as wrestlers and their abilities inside the ring, but also as human beings. 

Cash Wheeler reiterated his tag team partner's point of view about respecting the Bucks and feels that the tension between the two is because each team wants to be the best at what they do.

The Bucks and FTR have faced each other twice in AEW so far, with the first match at Full Gear in 2020 going in the favor of the former. The win gave the Bucks their first AEW World Tag Team Championship reign. Their second meeting came last year on an episode of "Dynamite," where FTR won. The match at All In will perhaps settle the score once and for all, and we could maybe even get a show of respect between the two teams after their match at Wembley.