WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle Explains Why He Feels Bad For Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a lot going on for himself these days – between running his own football league, the ever-growing list of Hollywood blockbusters he's involved with, and there's that potential WrestleMania main event with Roman Reigns being available if he wants it. Yet that doesn't stop Kurt Angle from having some sympathy for his former wrestling rival over one potential scenario Johnson has been linked to: running for President. 

On the latest episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle discussed a potential Rock presidency – something that has long been teased, even on Johnson's "Young Rock" sitcom. Ultimately, Angle feels that running for President would put Johnson in a no-win situation and offered some advice should he actually attempt to pursue office.

"I feel badly for him," Angle said. "Even if he did run for office, what side is he going to do? He's screwed either way ... Run [as an] independent and come up with your own concepts."

The topic of Johnson potentially eyeing a political run had died down for a bit. However, the idea resurfaced last week yet again after Johnson revealed he had been approached by several political parties about running for President — perhaps as soon as 2024. Johnson called the situation very surreal but seemed to indicate that he would not be seeking any sort of political office. He stated that his goal "has never been to be in politics," going as far as to say he hated elements of the political game.

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