Bully Ray Says NXT Star's Treatmeant Is 'Biggest Headscratcher'

Tiffany Stratton has quickly ascended to the top of the "WWE NXT" Women's division over the course of the past year. During a recent discussion with his "Busted Open Radio" co-hosts about the booking of several talents on the brand, Bully Ray revealed his thoughts about Stratton's treatment.

"I'll tell you what, guys. The biggest head scratcher to me — and Tommy [Dreamer], you just brought the name up — I just forgot to mention this over the past day or so is Tiffany Stratton," Bully said. "That girl had a rocket ship on her back and all of a sudden, errrr. Flames are out. Much like Tommy said, background right now. Nothing more than background noise in "NXT."

Stratton captured the "NXT" Women's Championship at Battleground in May after defeating Lyra Valkyria in a tournament final — marking not just her first title win in the company but of her career — but was later dethroned by Becky Lynch in September. She has been signed to WWE since August 2021, making her in-ring debut in November of that same year. Stratton qualified for the Women's Iron Survivor Challenge at "NXT" Deadline on December 9, defeating Fallon Henley to join Blair Davenport and Lash Legend. On the other side of the bracket, Josh Briggs secured his spot in the Men's Iron Survivor Challenge this past Tuesday, with Trick Williams and Dijak having qualified for the match prior.

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