Jack Perry Files For Trademark On Former AEW Gimmick

It's been a minute since wrestling fans have seen Jack Perry's face anywhere near AEW. The former FTW World Champion was suspended from the promotion following an altercation with CM Punk backstage at All In. That same incident resulted in Punk being fired and clearing a path for his return to WWE. But as he sits at home waiting to get back — whenever that may be — Perry is at least getting some of his ducks in a row.

On Tuesday, Perry filed to trademark the name "Jungle Boy," the same name he used during his independent career and his first several years in AEW. The "Gimmick Attorney" Michael Dockins handled the trademark on behalf of Boy Myth Legend, Inc., a company started by Perry back in 2019. Whether this is a sign that Perry will be going back to the Jungle Boy persona upon his return to AEW, or if this is him trying to secure his gimmick for future use, is unclear.

As for Perry's immediate future in AEW, it is believed that his suspension with the promotion ended some time ago and that AEW is merely waiting for the right moment to bring the 26-year-old back. This has led to some speculation that Perry could be the mysterious man under the Devil mask who has been stalking MJF over the past few months. Before Perry's suspension, he had last been feuding with HOOK over the FTW World Title, with HOOK defeating Perry at All In to regain the title, just before the fracas with Punk.