Video: Ex-WWE Star Elias Reveals His New Name

With their 90-day noncompete clauses up following December 21, the group of wrestlers let go by WWE back in September have begun making moves. And with the focus has largely been on names such as Mustafa Ali, Dolph Ziggler, and Top Dolla, it's led to some forgetting about stars such as Elias, the former WWE 24/7 Champion and versatile performer who also gained notoriety for playing Elias' twin brother, Ezekiel.

Now in his post-WWE career, Elias is ready to unleash a new persona. Taking to X Monday morning, Elias posted a two-minute video, which began with him falling into a grave before cutting to him and his trademark guitar taking a walk in the woods. Complete with voiceover narration, Elias' walk featured footage of his WWE tenure, along with Elias digging the grave, and a priest reading last rights.

Eventually, Elias would return to the grave, where the opening scene of him falling in would repeat, leading to him being engulfed in fire. As the scene shifted from Elias pouring dirt on the grave and him attempting to crawl out, he would rise and stand over the flames. The video ended by cutting to black, revealing Elias' new name would be Elijah.

The video is the first sign of anything from Elias regarding the future of his career, as he had gone radio silent since reflecting on his WWE run the same day of his release. Unlike Mustafa Ali last week, Elias didn't unveil any future bookings with the video, and it remains unclear just when, or where, fans will get to see the first glimpse of Elijah in the ring.