WWE's JD McDonagh Lashes Out Over Lack Of Judgment Day Action Figure

JD McDonagh may have found his way into the Judgment Day stable late last year, but things still aren't going as swimmingly as he expected. His main issue has been R-Truth's continued attempts to insist that he is a member of the group, much to McDonagh's annoyance and the amusement of some of his stablemates. Now, even WWE's action figure department is getting in on the joke.

On Wednesday afternoon, Ringside Collectibles took to X to ask fans about a potential Judgment Day baby set from Mattell, which would feature members Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and R-Truth in McDonagh's place. A furious McDonagh responded quickly, telling Ringside to finally make an action figure of himself, and put a stop to cracking "stupid jokes online."

McDonagh's outburst got plenty of attention, including from stablemate Ripley, who posted a gif from "Fresh Prince of Belair" saying that someone was in trouble. While McDonagh likely appreciated the support from Ripley, he will probably not be as high on the tweet from "WWE Raw's" broadcaster, USA Network, which responded to McDonagh's initial tweet by taking a similar approach to R-Truth, joking that he wasn't in Judgment Day.

The frustration of McDonagh is likely heightened by the fact that R-Truth has had his number over the past several weeks, defeating McDonagh in singles action on December 18, then teaming with The Miz to defeat McDonagh and Mysterio on January 1. McDonagh's woes continued even without facing Truth this week on "Raw," when he lost to The Miz in singles action.