WWE Raw Ratings Report 1/29/2024

Heading into last night's episode of "Raw," WWE was having a rollercoaster of a week, complete with several positives, such as a huge deal with Netflix and a successful Royal Rumble PLE. It also included several negatives, such as Vince McMahon resigning Friday following a lawsuit alleging he engaged in sex abuse and trafficking, and Triple H's polarizing response to the lawsuit at the post-Rumble media scrum. In the end, all the attention, good or bad, may have helped "Raw" draw one of their best numbers of the year.

Wrestlenomics reports that last night's "Raw" drew 1.909 million total viewers, and 0.61 in the ever-important 18-49 demographic. As expected, the numbers were well up from last week's episode, with total viewership increasing 13% from 1.686 million, while 18-49 was up 11% from 0.55. Both numbers represent the best "Raw" has done in a while in either category, with last night serving as the best 18-49 number since November 27, while total viewership drew its best since June 26.

Cody Rhodes-Seth Rollins Segment Serves As High Point For Raw Ratings

While all eyes were on WWE last night following the Rumble and the controversy, the show largely followed the trend of most "Raw's," starting off hot with 2.013 million viewers and 0.64 in 18-49 for CM Punk's show opening promo. The show gained steam from there, drawing 2.165 and 2.183 million viewers in QH's 2 and 3 respectively, while 18-49 rose up to 0.71 and 0.70. After a brief fall in QH4, the show would peak in QH5, when a promo segment featuring Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes drew 2.197 million, and a whopping 0.73 in 18-49.

Following that segment, however, "Raw" entered into a tailspin, falling below 2 million viewers for the rest of the show. The low point would occur in QH10, when the show drew 1.635 million and 0.52 in 18-49, losing over half a million total viewers and 271K in 18-49 from the show's peak. "Raw" would ultimately close with 1.672 million and 0.53 for the main event, featuring Drew McIntyre against Sami Zayn.