WWE Raw Ratings Report: 2/5/24

As WWE has waded into controversial waters over the past few weeks, thanks to the fallout of the lawsuit filed against former champion Vince McMahon and The Rock's return to challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, interest in the promotion has seemed stronger than ever. Both "Raw" and "SmackDown" ratings were up from normal following the WWE Royal Rumble PLE, and this past Monday's "Raw" seemed poised to keep the momentum going.

In the end, it did just that. Wrestlenomics, via SpoilerTV, reports that "Raw" drew 1.889 million total viewers, and 0.58 in the all-too-important 18-49 demo. Though there were no significant gains coming off "SmackDown's" angle on Friday involving Rock, Reigns, and Cody Rhodes, numbers were largely consistent with last week's episode of "Raw," with total viewership dropping only 1% from 1.909 million, while 18-49 was down a mere 5% from 0.61. "Raw" was tied for #1 on the night in cable, alongside ABC's "The Bachelor."

The week-to-week consistency for "Raw" was also the case throughout the quarter hours of the episode, which opened with 2.017 million and 0.59 for an in-ring segment between Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre. For the next two hours, the show would never dip below 1.905 million and 0.55, peaking in QH5, where the end of Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler and several other segments which drew a show-high 2.042 million and 0.61.

While 18-49 would remain strong throughout the show, total viewership would see its usual declines in the final hour, with QH9 dropping to 1.739 million, a 9% drop from QH8. The low point would come in QH10 when the start of the Rhodes vs. Shinsuke Nakamura bull rope match drew 1.656 million, though the latter half of the match in QH11 would increase to 1.722 million.