Former AEW Champ MJF Calls Out The Rock For WWE Star's Recent Social Media Post

Ever since he dropped the AEW World Championship to Samoa Joe at AEW Worlds End, MJF has been out of sight, out of mind, reportedly healing up from several injuries and potentially weighing his options, if one believes his contract with AEW did expire at the end of 2024. Now, months after Samoa Joe and Adam Cole left him at his lowest point, MJF has resurfaced to call out someone completely unexpected.


Taking to X on Wednesday, his first post on the social media platform since December, MJF responded to a tweet by none other than The Rock. The former AEW World Champion accused Rock of stealing his "glorious idea" of whipping Cody Rhodes with a belt, which Rock did in a brutal assault of Rhodes last week, but seemed to take bigger issue with Rock's excitement over a painting of the incident, which Rock gleefully endorsed in the tweet MJF responded to.


MJF's problem didn't appear to be with the painting itself, but rather that the painting was done by his former fiancee, Natalie Rosenblum, leading to MJF accusing Rock of trying to "cop art" from her. He then closed the tweet by admitting he was a fan of The Rock, while imploring "Dewey" to leave him alone. At this time, The Rock hasn't responded to MJF's tweet.

If nothing else, MJF's brief return to social media is evidence that the long-time AEW star is starting to emerge from his hiatus. Though he has still yet to show up backstage at an AEW event since Worlds End, MJF was reportedly seen in Boston shortly after "AEW Dynamite: Big Business" last month, where he is said to have met with AEW officials. Even still, it remains unknown when fans will see MJF in a wrestling ring again.