AEW Dynamite Viewership & Ratings Report: 4/10/24

The hype surrounding this week's "AEW Dynamite" centered on the CM Punk-Jack Perry altercation video from last year's All In, and it appears that Tony Khan's decision to air the backstage footage was a wise oneas the show's viewership increased from last week. 


"WrestleNomics" has released viewership data for the April 10 edition of "Dynamite," with the show crossing the 800,000 mark, bringing in an average overall viewership of 819,000 — a 9 percent gain from last week. But the most significant rise was in the 18-49 key demographic numbers, as it increased by a whopping 30 percent, resulting in a rating of 0.30 compared to 0.23 last week. This week's episode also saw a rise in viewership and ratings compared to the average of the past four weeks, with a 9 percent increase in overall average viewership and a 20 percent increase in the key demographic.

The show began strongly, with an average viewership of 981,000 for the first quarter, but reduced by 13 percent in the next quarter. Viewership bounced back once again for the much-awaited Punk-Perry video, increasing by 3 percent, but declined following that throughout the show, with the main event between Samoa Joe and Dustin Rhodes garnering an average of 723,000 viewers.


"Dynamite" didn't perform well when comparing the year-on-year numbers, with a decline of 9 percent in overall viewership and 7 percent in the key demographic, while their numbers for April are also down compared to the same period last year. This could be worrying for AEW as WWE's brands — "WWE Raw," "WWE SmackDown," and "WWE NXT" — have all performed well recently compared to last year. However, the substantial growth in viewership is expected for WWE during WrestleMania season.

The Punk-Perry footage seems to have brought viewers to watch "Dynamite," but reports suggest AEW stars weren't pleased by it due to the backlash they knew that they would get for it. They also reportedly felt that they would've been better off using that TV time for stars in the company.