Backstage Update On Relationship Between WWE And Rossy Ogawa's Marigold Promotion

It's a time of great change within WWE, with Vince McMahon gone, Paul "Triple H" Levesque in full creative control, and the company under the leadership of the TKO Board of Directors, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. One of the many changes seen in recent months is WWE's openness to work with other promotions, with Shayna Baszler's recent Bloodsport appearance as one example. Now, it's looking increasingly like WWE will soon have a major independent promotion to partner with.


The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter features Dave Meltzer diving into the business relationship between WWE and the recently-announced Marigold promotion, created by former Stardom executive Rossy Ogawa. According to Meltzer, reports that the companies may be working together are accurate, with both Ogawa and wrestler Giulia meeting with WWE officials earlier this month to discuss how the partnership will play out.

It's been expected for months that Giulia will be signing with WWE following her departure from Stardom, with a stop in Ogawa's new promotion in-between. In addition to this, Meltzer states that Giulia is expected to continue working Marigold shows after she eventually debuts on "WWE NXT," though it will likely be just a few big events each year. During this transition period, Giulia will be "the face of the company" before eventually moving to the United States full-time. Earlier this week, it was reported that Giulia will make her "NXT" debut in July, which Meltzer confirms in his report.


Possible Details of the WWE-Marigold Working Relationship

In addition to Giulia, Marigold is hoping to bring in IYO SKY and Kairi Sane, specifically with the idea of having the duo work a major show this summer that has yet to be announced. Conversations between Ogawa and WWE are said to have begun late last year, which would have been while Ogawa was still under contract with Stardom parent company Bushiroad.


Ogawa's departure from Stardom to create Marigold has stirred up some controversy, with a number of performers supporting the company's co-founder and leaving alongside him. Stardom and Bushiroad executives accused Ogawa of poaching talent for his promotion earlier this year, terminating Ogawa's contract shortly before it was set to expire. Weeks later, Giulia wrestled her final contracted match and departed the promotion.

Meltzer stated that WWE has no financial stake in Marigold, and Ogawa is the full owner of the company. Ironically, Ogawa is also working with wrestlers Fuka and Nanae Takahashi on the new venture; all three of whom helped launch Stardom in 2010.

As far as Marigold's schedule, the company is reportedly looking to broadcast shows in both English and Japanese, with events airing on the streaming service Wrestle Universe. There will be a show each month at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, along with four annual events in larger venues.