Tony Khan 'Cannot Travel' Due To Storyline Injury, Will Run AEW From Jacksonville

It's been quite the week for AEW CEO Tony Khan, who took a Meltzer Driver from the Young Bucks on "AEW Dynamite," got himself caught on camera wearing a neck brace on the first night of the NFL Draft, and compared WWE to Harvey Weinstein on NFL Network the following day. But if AEW fans wanted to know Khan's status in terms of his storyline with The Elite, they had to wait until Saturday's "AEW Collision," where Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness suggested it might be a while before Khan returns to TV.


"Tony Khan has suffered multiple head and neck injuries," Schiavone said. "I talked with him today, and he tells me that he feels very blessed and very happy that he is still able to work ... However, doctors have advised Tony Khan that he cannot travel. But he'll be able to run AEW from here in Jacksonville as we travel, of course, starting with Winnipeg on Wednesday night. So that's good news — Tony is on the mend, but he'll be running our company from a remote location here in Jacksonville."

McGuinness, for his part, confirmed that Khan won't be with AEW on the road before asking an important question: "What happens if something goes awry on the road, who's gonna run things? I mean, I would have to think, ironically as it is, maybe the EVPS."


McGuinness was referring to the Young Bucks, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, whose backstage role as executive vice presidents has bled into AEW's fictional world. It seems likely that the Bucks, along with their compatriots Kazuchika Okada and Jack Perry, will be serving as heel AEW authority figures for an undisclosed amount of time, an angle that has already been compared to notorious WCW faction the New World Order. Interestingly, AEW has announced that next Wednesday's "Dynamite" in Winnipeg will feature the return of Kenny Omega, a former member of The Elite who was unceremoniously "fired" by the Bucks while he was at home being treated for diverticulitis.