Kevin Owens Provides Major Update On WWE Contract Status, Whether He Intends To Renew

With Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and Finn Balor putting pen to paper on new big money, multi-year WWE deals, it might soon be time for the company to turn its attention to Kevin Owens. During a recent interview with The Metro, the former Universal Champion was very open about his contract situation, even detailing how long is left on his current deal.


"I really don't take anything for granted, I've nine months left on my contact, and I don't know what can happen from here on out," Owens said. That timeline means his contract is set to expire in early 2025, but Owens has made it very clear that he has no intention of leaving.

"This has been my home for 10 years and it's beyond the locker room," Owens said. "There's some very, very, very special people that work behind the scenes that I've become very close with, and I really can't imagine not seeing them as part of my life." Owens also admitted that the recent passings of stars like Brodie Lee, Jay Briscoe, and Bray Wyatt have taught him that life can change in an instant, saying that "nothing is guaranteed."


Since merging with UFC as TKO Group Holdings under Ari Emanual, WWE seems to be letting contracts run down fairly close to the wire before getting new deals done, so it will likely be some time before we know for sure that Owens has signed a new deal. Until then, he'll continue to focus on his current feuds and rivals in WWE, most notably the latest incarnation of The Bloodline, who defeated Owens and Randy Orton at the Backlash PLE in Lyon, France on May 4 thanks to a debuting Tanga Loa.