WWE's Ivar Confirms He's Seriously Injured, Says His Future In Wrestling Is Uncertain

WWE announced Thursday that Ivar, who has been recently been working on "WWE NXT," was out indefinitely due to injury, with Tuesday's episode of "NXT" writing him off TV via backstage attack. While at least one report questioned the legitimacy of the injury, Ivar himself confirmed on Friday that he was not just seriously hurt, but questioning his future in wrestling.


"There has been alot of misinformation floating around about me," Ivar wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). "Let me [clarify]: Yes I am injured. Yes it is very serious. No I have not had surgery. Still trying to figure out all options and what this means for my future."

Ivar went on to thank his supporters for the love shown to him during his recent injury troubles — he was pulled from a "WWE Raw" match in March after not being medically cleared to compete — and promised he would do everything in his power to get back in the ring as soon as possible. As of this writing, there is no word on the specific nature of the injury, but Ivar has a long history of neck issues.


The end of the voyage for the Viking Raiders?

Friday morning, Dave Meltzer wrote in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Ivar's injury was "nothing serious" and that he was just being given time off. That was quickly countered by Fightful Select, who refuted Meltzer's claim and said Ivar has been wrestling with the end of his career in mind ever since he got double fusion neck surgery back in 2020 — his Viking Raiders tag team partner, Erik, also had neck fusion surgery in 2023, and his wrestling future is also reportedly in doubt.


Later on Friday, Meltzer posted as part of his "Daily Update" feature that Ivar's injury "is more serious than we were first led to believe." As yet there has been no correction issued in this week's Observer, though all mention of Ivar's injury has been removed from the digital edition. Pro Wrestling Insider, meanwhile, ran a story highlighting a post that had been sent out Thursday morning by the Andrews Sports Medicine X account, which featured a picture of Ivar with Dr. Andrew Cordover and the hashtag #VictoryOverInjury. PWI noted that "when a WWE talent heads there, it means surgery." Cordover is the same doctor who performed Ivar's previous procedure in 2020 and Erik's procedure last year.


Ivar recently turned 40 and has been wrestling since 2001. He and Erik (aka Hanson and Rowe) made their name in Ring of Honor in 2014, when they started teaming as War Machine. They won the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship and became two-time IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions before signing with WWE in 2018, where they ended up winning both the "NXT" and "Raw" tag titles.