Cody Rhodes Addresses What The Rock Put In His Hand During WWE Raw Departure

Much like Marshall Erickson and Lily Aldrin during the "How I Met Your Mother" season one finale, the rivalry between Cody Rhodes and The Rock is on pause for now, as The Rock returns to his Hollywood commitments. Both men, and others associated with them, however, have made it clear that things are far from over between the two, crystalized by Rock's win over Rhodes in tag team action at Night One of WrestleMania 40, following Rhodes overcoming The Rock and the Bloodline, with help from some friends, to defeat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title on Night Two.


Then there's a moment Rock and Rhodes shared on the "Raw" after WrestleMania days later, where Rock handed Rhodes a mysterious object before departing. Since then, fans and pundits have wondered just what Rock handed to Rhodes, and during his appearance on "Busted Open Radio" this past Monday, Rhodes was asked about it by co-host Bully Ray, and answered the question without answering the question.

"It wasn't a dollar, it was certainly more expensive than that," Rhodes said. "I tried to make a positive overture, an olive branch, to The Rock and the Seven Bucks team, because I have an immense respect for what they've done. They've set the table so I can eat at it. He did not feel that that was a positive overture, and handed it back to me. That's the best I can give you Bully. But I was pretty heart-stricken by the fact that it came back, but if anything, again, like Triple H told me, it's not fun and games for these guys. They're coming for you. And you either get ready, or you don't."


Rhodes Believes The People's Champion Is Still Inside The Rock

Rhodes was then asked if he viewed his issues with The Rock as comparable to George Lucas' original "Star Wars" trilogy, with Bully pondering if WrestleMania 40 was Rhodes' "A New Hope," and that Rock and The Bloodline were now preparing for an "The Empire Strikes Back" esq scenario. Rhodes is under the impression that the feud has blown past the original trilogy, even as he went on to note that he still believed there was good in Rock, similar to what Luke Skywalker thought of Darth Vader.


"If we're looking at Star Wars parallels, I feel like we're maybe past 'Jedi' at this point," Rhodes said. "Here's the struggle I have with a person like The Rock; I know it's underneath there. I know inside is the 'People's Champion.' I was the biggest Rock fan growing up. I know he's in there. And that's not what returned. We got 'The Final Boss,' we got the cursing, we got an unbelievably gritty and formidable [performer]...I just wish the relationship had been different, and I can't sit here hoping for that forever. I can't sit here saying 'Man, I'd like to bring the real 'People's Champion' back.' I really would, because I think that's what's underneath there. But perhaps The Rock is too far gone."


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