WWE Raw QR Code Finally Confirms Arrival Date Of New Stable Themed Around Bray Wyatt

Bo Dallas' new stable themed around the late Bray Wyatt, as well as his own Uncle Howdy character, seemingly has a confirmed arrival date to WWE, with a new QR code seen on "WWE Raw." On Monday, during Rey Mysterio's entrance, an image popped up on the broadcast, complete with the code for fans to scan to find more clues about the mysterious faction. When scanned, it leads to a countdown, which ends next Monday during the broadcast.


"Your patience will be rewarded," the staticky onscreen image during the broadcast read, before flashing again to read, "Your impatience will be punished." The image then flashes to the code, then very quickly shows what appears to be a figure, assumably Uncle Howdy. When the code is scanned, the phrases "You refused salvation" and "The reckoning is inevitable" surround the real-time countdown.

The biggest clues surrounding the stable came from a Twitch stream almost three weeks ago. Those clues seemed to potentially spell out the exact date of the faction's debut, which fans also determined to be next Monday, as well as who would be involved. Letters written to various "family members" seen on the stream seemed to include the recently re-hired Erick Rowan of the original Wyatt Family, Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, and former Schism leader Joe Gacy. Alexa Bliss' involvement with the stable has not been confirmed, though some eagle-eyed fans thought they spotted her backstage during a recent "Raw."


The most recent code on Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown" led to a letter thanking fans, telling them, "this is all because of you." Last Monday, a code featured Firefly Funhouse puppets when scanned, as well as poetry and images from a journal that seemingly belong to Uncle Howdy. After months of fans scanning codes and deciphering clues to be shared and speculated about online, it seems like the fun and games could be coming to an end after WWE's Clash at the Castle premium live event. Or, knowing Wyatt and Uncle Howdy, this could be just the beginning.