This week, WWE’s weekly talk show The Bump premiered its first-ever Bumpy Awards ceremony. The WWE Universe got to cast their vote on different categories ranging from best in-ring match to Superstar of the half-year.

The first award presented was “Tag-Team of the Half-Year,” which went to WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Bayley and Sasha Banks. Before Bayley and Banks gave thanks for their awards, Banks also made sure to remind the fans at home that she is the new RAW Women’s Champion after defeating Asuka on this week’s Monday Night RAW.

“We are the standards. We are the Role Models. I stay winning,” Banks gloated. “Let’s also remind the people that I’m ‘2 Belt Banks!'”

Bayley also commented on their win.

“I knew we were going to win,” Bayley added with a grin.

The second award was “The Biggest Surprise/Guest Moment on The Bump,” which was given out to Kevin Owens. The last time Owens made his in-studio appearance, the panel surprised him with some zoo animals.

AJ Styles and The Undertaker both took home two awards each. The first was “Rivalry of the Half-Year,” and “Cinematic Match of the Half-Year.” Both of these awards were given to Styles and The Undertaker. Styles accepted both their awards after winning the first nomination.

“I’m actually going to be serious for half a second here,” Styles said, regarding winning “Rivalry of the Half-Year”. “The Undertaker allowed AJ Styles to pick apart who he is. Who is he? Is he The Undertaker, the ‘American Badass,’ or is he Mark Calaway? AJ Styles thought, ‘Well, let’s go after Mark Calaway.’ It was a bad move because they are all one – a trinity.

“It allowed this rivalry to become personal. That’s something that we haven’t seen from The Undertaker. I picked on him, and I picked on his family. I went after him as a man, not just as The Undertaker. I think he showed everybody that at the end of the day, there’s a little bit of your character in you.”

Following that, Styles commented on his “Cinematic Match of the Half-Year”.

“Let me just thank everybody who had to do with this cinematic match,” Styles mentioned. “I would love to take all the credit for this, and so would The Undertaker, but truth be told, Triple H and Michael Hayes helped put this thing together. We weren’t sure how this was going to come out, but it turned out to be amazing.”

Following Styles’ second speech his opponent, The Undertaker, made a surprise appearance thanking the WWE Universe and the production crew who helped set up their historic Boneyard Match.

“I guess the WWE Universe has spoken. I can’t thank you guys enough,” The Undertaker said gratefully. “I also want to thank all the guys behind the scenes that made this match happen. You guys are the ones that deserve this award. I also have to thank AJ Styles for calling me out and making this match happen. I’m so happy that you guys voted. You guys made our match the best cinematic match. Guys, thank you.”

Speaking of historic matches, Edge and Randy Orton both earned an award for “In-Ring Match of the Half-Year,” from their bout at Backlash this past June. Edge was so excited to show off his newly won trophy that he accidentally broke it right before he gave his speech.

“Thank you, this is very cool,” Edge noted. “If you would have told me two years ago that I would be part of the two matches nominated, I would have said you were full of a lot of stuff. To know that people appreciated it, you know that you did your job.”

Since April, Drake Maverick has had quite the emotional comeback. From almost losing his job through WWE to getting a second-chance from Triple H on NXT, Maverick was the best candidate for the “Lifetime Achievement Award.” His former arch-rival, R-Truth, presented this award on behalf of himself and the panel.

“When I was let go from WWE, these [the panel] were the first group of people to get in touch with me, and said, ‘We want you to come on the show.’ I’ll never forget that,” Maverick said with a twinkle in his eye.

There were so many things to take away from this year’s unique WrestleMania 36, but to the WWE Universe, their biggest social media reaction was when Otis finally got his dream girl Mandy Rose after defeating Dolph Ziggler. Rose and Otis won the “Biggest Social Reaction of the Half-Year.”

Concluding the ceremony was “Superstar of the Half-Year.” In total, there were 10 nominees for this award. The WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was crowned the winner for this nomination. He, like many others, was shocked that he was “The Chosen One.” Instead of gloating about his win, he expressed his gratitude, by thanking the fans for wanting him to become their WWE Champion.

“The fans are the reason why I’m sitting here as the WWE Champion,” McIntyre noted during his speech. “Back in January, I started letting the fans in by showing them my real personality. The fans know that I love this industry and that I’ll always fight for them. It’s one thing to be chosen by those in the back, but it means so much more to me to be chosen by the fans.”

You can watch the full Bumpy Awards ceremony above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.