Nick Aldis Talks AEW Working With NWA, Wanting Ownership In The NWA

Although NWA hasn't been running shows during the pandemic era, NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis has kept himself busy learning new skills such as editing, producing and directing to help the company once they resume producing content.

The National Treasure recently joined Pro Wrestling Junkies for a Q & A session with fans and discussed the willingness on the NWA's behalf to work with AEW as evident with their women's champion, Thunder Rosa, issuing a challenge to AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida at All Out. He also took the time to speak on his rivalry with Cody and the audience's desire to see the rubber match between himself and the AEW star and EVP.

"First of all, the fact that Thunder Rosa appeared on Dynamite with the NWA Women's title indicates there is an agreement," Aldis said. "It was a deal that was made and set up. The conversation with Cody and I has never really gone away since All In. Even before All In people could kind of tell this was going to be a special rivalry. We knew that, too. We could tell from the first time I showed up in London and sort of surprised everybody and made the match official. People were looking at it like it was just so cool and the rivalry just works."

"Sometimes there are rivalries where you can't really just pinpoint why," Aldis continued. "Obviously, we're similar in age and styles. Even in the way we sort of present ourselves and stuff like that, but we're also very different and I think that's why it works so well. We come from very different origins and that contrast just works really well that. We're a couple of good big egos that try to push each other and compete with each other and that competitiveness is real. I think the audience can pick up on that when it feels real and I'm confident that when the time is right, we'll make that happen. They just need to break out the Benjamins."

Aldis then went a little bit deeper on the discussion about Cody and revealed that he feels like the biggest match of his career was against Rhodes at All In in 2018.

"I think All In would certainly be the biggest match I've ever had," Nick said. "I certainly felt on that day that everyone in wrestling was watching that event and that match. I've obviously had other big matches in my career, but I never felt like any other match had that kind of attention on it. Whether everyone in the business will admit it or not, they were all watching that event and specifically that match. It also really solidified both of us as capable main event caliber wrestlers."

Aldis has quietly accomplished a lot in the business, but he revealed his biggest goal is yet to be achieved and laid out a plan on how he could get there.

"I really want ownership, to be honest," Aldis said. "In the end, that's a goal of mine to have some stake. That would be something that's not beyond the realm of possibility, but we would be very careful to not cross the bounds of conflict of interest. It would be perhaps – obviously, I'd have to earn it. I believe in this company and I believe in this entity and I really do put my heart and soul into it. At some point, if I decide that I'm going to plant my flag here for good, that would probably be the thing to do it."

"That would probably come as I near the end of my career," Nick continued. "At least when I'm not full-time in the ring anymore. That's something I've been open about. I've talked with Billy [Corgan] about it. It's not just something he's just up and going to hand over. I have other business ventures and I try to stay multi-faceted and stay diversified, but ultimately I do take an active role in a lot of things here and I try to stay away from the conflict of interest, but the more I do that and the more I help grow NWA, the more likely it is that ownership stake will happen."

If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit Pro Wrestling Junkies with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.