Jimmy and Jey Uso have had no shortage of quality and entertaining matchups during their current 10-year run in WWE. During their recent appearance on Table Talk With D-Von, The Usos discussed some of their favorite opponents to work with outside of New Day.

“The Bar,” Jimmy said. “Sheamus and Cesaro were a hell of a tag team and to start off as two singles and be merged into a tag team and people actually get behind them, they started to have that aura of a tag team. They were my favorites, jumping in with those guys. The Revival, too. We never actually got a chance to finish that story and keep going with those guys. We never got to open the box with them, but I would love to. Everybody’s got good chemistry, but it’s hard to follow New Day.”

“There really aren’t any other tag teams left,” Jey added. “I guess we haven’t crossed paths with Street Profits yet or The Vikings, really. These are kind of new tag teams that are coming in now and we are in the game. I hope they’re ready, because they’re about to have to step way up. The Usos, that’s what we do and we like to set the bar. I’m excited about the tag teams. It feels so weird saying these are all younger homies, but they are. We’re about to be 35 on Saturday.”

The Usos contemplated their 2 out of 3 falls match and mentioned it was their favorite of their career until the Hell In A Cell match with New Day. They went into who they’d like to have another 2 out of 3 falls match with and the answer was surprising.

“Honestly, they’re not a tag team anymore,” Jimmy said. “It would Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. We had one 2 out of 3 falls match and it was my favorite of my career. Hands down my favorite match until the Hell In A Cell with New Day came along. That’s my favorite one now just because of the history in that match. The only tag team Hell In A Cell match and all the greatness that went into that.”

“Just walking down to the cell,” Jimmy continued. “I could feel every – my dad [Rikishi] – I watched him get thrown off by Undertaker, so my family’s been there. The greats – The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, just everybody. That energy is crazy! I wish everyone in the world could experience and feel that stuff. It’s something you can’t even explain. Magic is going down.”

Jimmy continued on how special it was for him to participate in that match and reflected on watching his dad walk down to the cell and wishing he could see things through his eyes in that moment.

“Those were major hitters,” he continued. “I’m in this business now and see where I’m at and look back and see where my dad was and my family, it gives me goosebumps. They were the ones. It made a difference coming in here because The Usos, it was a slow start for us to find out who we were.”

The reflection continued on when they discussed what it was like meeting Randy Orton for the first time and what wisdom he shared to help them find their own identities.

“I remember Randy Orton spitting the realest ‘ish’ my first year when we came in,” Jimmy said. “I remember him saying, ‘You all are going to do good in here. It took me about 6 years to really find out who Randy Orton was. You will find yourselves. Just hang in there, work hard, stay humble and you’ll find yourselves.’ and I remember not knowing what he was talking about, then it resonated on me. Still growing in this business and still learning every day about this business.”

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Mehdy Labrini contributed to this article.

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