Everyone in the wrestling world is talking about the controversy between MJF and AEW right now, and Booker T became the latest to weigh in on the unfolding dramas during his “Hall Of Fame” podcast.

Booker claims, “it’s believable” that MJF isn’t happy with his contract and the pay he has been receiving, which has been reported. The three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner no-showed the fan fest this past weekend, which sent the situation into overdrive. Booker could relate, though, from his time in Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (now known as Impact Wrestling) in the late 2000s. According to Booker, a lot of guys who had made the jump from WWE to TNA during that time were making “a boatload of money,” as opposed to those who had been there since the beginning.

“You had those originals there like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and those guys … they were getting like the crumbs,” Booker said. “They were the guys who were the backbone of that company, and to hear the company praise you as one of the four pillars and then you’re not getting treated as like of the four pillars, it can make you feel a certain way.” That’s why the MJF/AEW situation, as it’s been reported, is something Booker “can buy” from a “realistic perspective.”

Booker also praised MJF for “fulfill[ing] his duties” by appearing at AEW Double or Nothing this past weekend, despite conflicting reports about a plane ticket being booked for MJF to leave Las Vegas prior to the show. It was also claimed that the upcoming star appeared just before his opening match at Double or Nothing and then left immediately after. While reports initially indicated that MJF was set to be taken off the road for the immediate future, he has now been announced for tonight’s edition of “AEW Dynamite,” putting a new twist on this developing story.

Understandably, there’s been plenty of speculation among fans over how much, if anything, of what’s been reported regarding MJF and AEW is actually true, but Booker likes that, as it is “just part of the business.”

“Life and reality in professional wrestling, we’ve always tried to blur that line a little bit,” he said. “This thing with MJF, do it have some bite to it, is it something that could actually really, really happen? I think so … A lot of people say if he goes to WWE he’ll get buried, but I think that if MJF went to WWE he would be one of the biggest stars this world has ever seen.”

The wrestling world awaits MJF’s response.

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