It’s apparently the season for active and retired wrestlers to name their Mount Rushmores of professional wrestling once again. After a lull following the craze in 2021, Rushmore lists have been popping up again recently from wrestlers like WWE’s Titus O’Neil, and even legends like AEW’s Sting and Diamond Dallas Page. It’s only natural, then, that WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle would be asked about who he’d have on his own Mount Rushmore when he sat down for an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston.

“”It’s really difficult,” Angle said. “If you could give me ten people I could pick, that would be easier. But if I had to pick a Mount Rushmore, for the first time in my life, I’m going to include myself. I’ve never done that before. Daniel Bryan [AEW’s Bryan Danielson] is definitely up there.

“Stone Cold Steve Austin, what an underrated wrestler, because his character was so strong. He was the ass-kicker, the beer drinker, but he could back it up in the ring. He was really good. And also Undertaker. What an incredible athlete for his size. I had so many great matches with him. I really enjoyed working with him, as well.”

While Angel never crossed paths with Danielson during their careers, many fans will remember his battles with both the Undertaker and Austin during the early 2000s. Angle and Austin, who Angle has called the best wrestler he ever faced, feuded prominently during the “Invasion” storyline in 2001, trading the WWE Championship back and forth.

Meanwhile, Angle and Undertaker were on-and-off rivals from 2000 until Angle departed from WWE in mid-2006. Arguably their most famous match was at WWE No Way Out 2006, in which Angle defeated Taker to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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