Ric Flair Addresses Health Concerns For His Last Match

There's been a lot of talk leading up to Ric Flair's Last Match at the Starrcast V fan fest in late July, largely regarding just who will be part of the match and whether or not the match itself is a good idea. Flair hasn't wrestled in over 11 years, and the now 73-year-old has been beset with numerous health issues in that time.

Flair himself is well aware of those issues, which he discussed yesterday at the official press conference for his last match, but he doesn't seem terribly worried about them.

"There are two things that could go wrong," Flair said. "My heart's pacemaker can come unplugged, but I can plug it back in. The other thing, as Jeff [Jarrett] knows, I've had an inner ear infection three, four times in my life. One was when Jeff hit me with a guitar, and Jeff was actually going to drive me back home from Detroit. Those are the only two things I'm worried about. The blood thinners, I just won't take one that day."

Flair also attempted to assure everyone watching that he was ready for the level of physicality required to wrestle a match, thanks to his training with AEW star Jay Lethal.

"After I took my first couple of bumps with Jay, I had to be comfortable with someone I was training with, and Jay's fantastic," Flair said. "Once I took that first one, I took another. The more people that come to watch me, the more bumps I can take. In other words, now that I know I can do it, I'll be flying around in front of 7,000 people. Probably not at warp speed! No, it's running the ropes, doing drop downs, getting up, and drilling. It's not taking the bumps. It's the timing, the psychology."

As previously noted, Flair's final match has yet to be officially announced. It was originally reported he would team with AEW's FTR to take on the Rock 'N Roll Express and Ricky Steamboat, but Steamboat later declined the match and FTR's status has recently been called into question, as well.