Sammy Guevara Stomps Action Figure Of AEW Star He Recently Had Heat With

Ahead of his match against Eddie Kingston on the special "Grand Slam" edition of "AEW Rampage," Sammy Guevara used the intro segment of his weekly vlog to play up the animosity between the two. While looking through a display of AEW action figures inside a Target, Guevara found Kingston's toy, dropped it on the ground, and stomped on it, destroying the toy. While doing this, Guevara questioned the reasoning behind even selling a toy of Kingston.

Though the pair had very recent heat against one another, their conflict was reportedly squashed after Kingston returned from suspension. Kingston was taken off television after "pie-facing" Guevara during a backstage argument after Guevara called Kingston a "fat piece of s***" in a promo. The promo in question, taped for "AEW Rampage" on August 26, never aired.

Kingston was also reportedly unhappy with the way Guevara acted in the months leading up to their match, further adding to the conflict between the two. After the altercation, Kingston would go on to admit that he was in the wrong. Though the pair were scheduled to have a match at All Out, it never happened, with Kingston instead facing Tomohiro Ishii during the pay-per-view's "Buy In" pre-show, while Guevara would team with new wife Tay Melo against Ortiz and Ruby Soho.

With the match rescheduled for this week, Guevara smashing the toy seems like an attempt to build their onscreen conflict back up. Since Kingston first called out Guevara in early August, the feud has received little to no time on television. In recent weeks, Guevara has hinted that he has thought about making some kind of change in his career, teasing that he may follow in the footsteps of Cody Rhodes with a move over to WWE.