This GLOW Actress Helped Chavo Guerrero Land 'The Iron Claw' Job

Wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr. has found a very valuable second career outside of the ring and in Hollywood, both as a consultant/trainer for shows featuring pro wrestling and in acting roles. And perhaps Guerrero's biggest gig to date is coming up, as he's slated to be involved in the upcoming Von Erich biopic "The Iron Claw", both as an onscreen performer in an undisclosed role, and as the film's wrestling coordinator.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Guerrero revealed he got his job on "The Iron Claw" through an interesting connection. 

"What happened is that I got called from the director, Sean Durkin, who recruited me to make this movie with him," Guerrero said. "That's how it happened. Actually, I got a call from a funny mutual friend, Alison Brie. [She] called me and said 'Hey Chavo, this director's trying to get ahold of you. You may want to talk to him. He's pretty good.' So that's kind of how it got started."

Many will recall that Guerrero and Brie, best known for her role as Annie Edison in "Community", worked together on the Netflix series "GLOW", which was based on the 1980s all-women's wrestling show of the same name. Like with "The Iron Claw", Guerrero performed several roles on "GLOW", appearing as wrestler Chico Guapo in several episodes, while also serving as fight coordinator and wrestling trainer, preparing performers like Brie for the wrestling scenes.

In addition to Guerrero, MJF will also appear in "The Iron Claw", though there is some confusion over who the AEW World Champion is playing. Zac Effron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson, Stanley Simons, Maura Tierney, and Holt McCallany also star as Kevin, Kerry, David, Mike, Doris, and Fritz Von Erich respectively, while Lily James will appear in an undisclosed role.