Evil Uno Sheds Light On Future Of AEW Fight Forever

When will "AEW: Fight Forever" be released? That has been the question throughout 2022, as more developments regarding the long-awaited video game continue to emerge, minus the date when fans will be able to play it. While there will surely come a day when the release date of "Fight Forever" is revealed, it's not this day. This day does include more updates though, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Evil Uno.

The AEW star, who has been involved with the development of the game, spoke to Fightful Select during WrestleCade this past weekend, and provided some further inside info regarding "Fight Forever." Chief among the updates was confirmation that "Fight Forever" will be a single-release game, as opposed to the beginning of a series ala "WWE 2K." This, according to Uno, will allow the game to evolve over time, while also explaining why the game is being called "Fight Forever", as fans, in theory, should be able to play it forever.

Also confirmed by Uno is that the game will start off with a roster of 50 AEW wrestlers. As expected, based on past reports, other wrestlers, such as FTR, will not be included in the initial release, but are likely to be added to the game as time goes on. It was pointed out to Fightful that Danhausen would be another wrestler who will not be included when the game is released, as he joined AEW well into the development of the game.

Whenever it is released, "Fight Forever" will include stars that are no longer with AEW, such as Cody Rhodes. Rhodes left AEW earlier this year, returning to WWE at WrestleMania.