MJF Vows To Annihilate Sports Talk Radio Personality

It certainly feels like the second half of 2022 has belonged to MJF. Since returning to AEW at All Out, "The Salt of the Earth" has hung out with Ariel Helwani (again), reportedly filmed a movie, and finally won the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley at Full Gear. And MJF shows no signs of dropping that belt any time soon, having successfully defended it just last week against Ricky Starks.

So where might you see MJF next? None other than sports talk radio. During Tuesday's episode of WFAN's Carton & Roberts, the subject turned to pro wrestling. While co-host Craig Carton didn't appear to express much enthusiasm for WWE's Roman Reigns, He was intrigued by co-host Evan Roberts' description of MJF, even if he did at one point confuse him with MJFs current rival, Bryan Danielson. The clip was posted on social media, and upon seeing it, MJF was quick to respond.

"I'll come on to assassinate this man verbally," MJF tweeted. "But yes Craig Carton, Bryan is a tiny frail little man."

Their apparent dislike, or disinterest, for "The American Dragon' seemed to start a bond between MJF and Carton, despite the former's initially hostile response. If nothing else, it led to Carton offering a response to MJF, one the AEW Champ seemed to accept.

"Love it," Carton tweeted. "Any time you are in NYC the door is open brother."

The bad news for Carton is that it may take a bit, as AEW is currently not scheduled to return to the Tri-State area until April when "Dynamite' will take place out of MJF's hometown of Long Island, New York. The good news for Carton is that MJF still resides in the area, making a surprise appearance on an off day a possibility.