Update On Latest Delay In Jeff Hardy DUI Pre-Trial Hearing

The pre-trial hearing of Jeff Hardy for his DUI arrest in June has been delayed so many times, it may as well change its name to "Chinese Democracy." Three times now, the date for Hardy's pre-trial hearing has come and gone without a peep, and a motion this week revealed that Hardy was looking to delay the hearing a fourth time. Apparently, he's succeeded.

PWInsider is reporting that the motion by Hardy's defense to delay the hearing, which went unopposed by the prosecution, has been granted. The fifth attempt at a pre-trial hearing for the "Charismatic Enigma" is now scheduled for January 23, 2023. The motion came due to Hardy's defense, led by lawyer Brian T. Coughlin, requesting more time to examine "perceived anomalies reflected in the maintenance records" of the breath analysis device that was administered to Hardy at the time of his arrest. Coughlin was also seeking to take depositions from the officers who maintain said device.

Hardy was arrested the morning after appearing at a wrestling convention with his brother, AEW star Matt Hardy; video later surfaced that appeared to show Hardy drinking at the event. This was Hardy's third arrest for DUI in a three-year period, and his blood-alcohol levels were reported to be three times over the legal limit. He would later plead not guilty to all charges. Hardy's actions led to AEW owner Tony Khan suspending him days later, as well as stipulating his suspension would only end after he completed rehab and maintained sobriety for an undisclosed amount of time. Khan would later go as far as to say that rehab was Hardy's "last chance" in wrestling. The AEW star reportedly did seek treatment later in the summer.