Superstar Billy Graham Undergoes MRI To Diagnose Continuing Health Problems

If it seems like it's just been one health issue after another for "Superstar" Billy Graham over the last couple of decades, that's because it has. And they have taken such a toll on the WWE Hall of Famer that he has spent the better part of the year in the hospital, and at times things have seemed particularly grim.

Graham continues to hang in there, however, and doctors continue to search for a way to keep the former WWE Champion as healthy as possible. PWInsider is reporting that Graham underwent an MRI, on Tuesday, as doctors look to make a diagnosis of Graham's ear infection, which has since spread all the way to his skull. No information was given regarding whether they were able to do so. While Graham has seemingly been dealing with everything under the sun, including COVID-19, so far in 2023, the infection has been the longest-lasting ailment, having sent him to the hospital in January. The infection was said to be the catalyst for Graham going into cardiac arrest shortly after, and in a recent Facebook update, Graham's wife, Valerie, noted that the 79-year-old wrestling legend is now 100% deaf.

As previously noted, a Go-Fund-Me page has been set up for Graham in order to raise donations for his mounting medical bills, with his wife also revealing recently that Graham had reached the cap of his Medicare co-pay, leading to her having to pay some of the costs out of pocket. The page has thus far raised over $10,000, with its goal set to $25,000.