Possible Motivation For Brock Lesnar's Attack On Cody Rhodes Offered On WWE SmackDown

Brock Lesnar is often cited as a man who does what he wants when he wants. Well, on Monday's "WWE Raw," "The Beast Incarnate" turned his back on Cody Rhodes, delivering multiple suplexes and F-5s to "The American Nightmare" as "Raw" went off the air. We may not have a reason as to why from the source himself, but "SmackDown" commentator Wade Barrett mentioned Friday night that he "heard" Lesnar was said to have been "mad" due to the fact that his match against Omos kicked off Sunday's festivities at WrestleMania 39. Whether that is the real reason behind his vicious attack on Monday remains to be seen.

Following his heartbreak Sunday night, Rhodes challenged Roman Reigns to a rematch for his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Monday night. When that was shot down, he challenged Reigns and Solo Sikoa to a tag team match, which is when Paul Heyman stepped in. From there, "The Wise Man" made it simple: Whoever chose to partner with Rhodes needed to have competed at WrestleMania 39, and they'd never get a title shot as long as Reigns holds the gold. Lesnar was already disqualified from challenging Reigns for his title after losing a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam last July.

With reports circulating this week that Vince McMahon was firmly back in control of creative during "Raw," fans were happy to lay the blame for just about everything that happened Monday night at his feet. However, that wouldn't necessarily track with the new Rhodes-Lesnar feud, which has reportedly been planned for at least a month.