Tommy Dreamer Says Raven Can't Wrestle Anymore, Fears He May Have Permanently Injured Him

ECW may have died over 20 years ago, but it somehow hasn't stopped Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray from having beef. The never-ending feud between the two is raging on in Impact Wrestling right now, and has even grown to include Detroit Red Wings legend Darren McCarty, who teamed with Dreamer in Impact just one week ago. One guy who Dreamer isn't looking to get involved in the feud however is Raven. The history between ECW icons Dreamer and Raven is complicated, given they feuded with each other for eons, briefly put differences aside to become ECW Tag Team Champions, and then proceeded to feud again. But as Dreamer revealed in an interview with PWMania, past grudges between the two have little to do with why Dreamer won't be asking Raven to join this battle.


"The reason why I wouldn't give Raven the call is that Raven's health isn't the best," Dreamer said. "And I look at Raven, and I'm like 'Did I do that? Did I cause someone that?' I mean, the chair shot heard around the world? Did I cause Raven to have health issues later on in his life? Seriously, it's a big burden because, dude, I love everybody that I worked with. Pull the curtain back, I love Raven. We had a love-hate relationship back then. But then when I see him and I'm like 'Oh, did I do this?'" Dreamer went on to flatly declare: "Raven cannot wrestle anymore."

Contrary to Dreamer's claims, however, Raven is not only still involved in wrestling, but has continued to work matches. He has most recently been a fixture in MLW as a member of The Calling, and this past weekend was seen competing at MLW's annual Battle Riot event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.