Freddie Prinze Jr. Says Kenny Omega Jumping To WWE Would Be 'Weird'

Kenny Omega may currently be dealing with a certain snake in the grass named Don Callis betraying him last Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite," but come the end of the year he'll have a different sort of issue to deal with. That's cause Omega's AEW contract, which has been extended due to time off from injury, is set to expire around that time, making him a free agent around the same time as fellow AEW stars the Young Bucks and MJF, and WWE star Drew McIntyre.

And yet, while the prospect of Omega entering the free agent market grows closer, Freddie Prinze Jr. remains skeptical of Omega making a jump. In an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the former WWE writer, Wrestling With Freddie podcast host, and star of such films as "Summer Catch" explained why he doesn't see Omega leaving AEW.

"People are talking about Kenny Omega and things like that," Prinze Jr. said. "But again, that would just seem so weird for me, considering how much freedom he has at one company, and how little he'd have at the other."

Perhaps adding to the weirdness is how few AEW stars have jumped from the promotion to WWE in the company's four year history, with the most prominent name being Cody Rhodes, who left AEW for WWE just a year ago. Whether Omega will follow in his former Elite member's footsteps remains to be seen, and is merely one piece of a puzzle regarding a period that may end up being the most competitive free agency pool in wrestling history.

For now, though, Omega has the aforementioned issue with Callis, and issues with Blackpool Combat Club, to contend with, and will likely have a response when Callis explains his betrayal on "Dynamite" this Wednesday night.

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