Newly Minted AEW Star Rob Van Dam Reacts To Marty Jannetty DSOTR Episode

Recently, "Dark Side of the Ring" brought their fourth season to a close with a look at former WWE and WCW star Marty Jannetty. Having been hyped as can't-miss by several within the "DSOTR" family in the months leading up to its premiere, the episode generated just as much discussion following its airing, especially in regards to Jannetty's past drug abuse, partying with former tag team partner Shawn Michaels, and a story Jannetty first told years ago, which he's since recanted, about killing a man when he was a teenager. Like many in wrestling, recent AEW star Rob Van Dam, who considers himself a friend of Jannetty, was among those who checked out the episode. On "1 Of A Kind," RVD gave his review as only RVD could, and delved into the allegations Jannetty himself had first introduced.


"My thoughts were I needed to call Marty to make sure he's okay," RVD said. "It was a great show. I think it's always a great show, and it was interesting, and I learned a few things. It sounded like the crazy Marty that I know."

"But as far as at the end, leaving you with that suspicion that maybe the story of him killing that dude that tried to molest him might have some truth to it, I didn't expect that, cause I think he told me before that it was b******t and that was just his story of the moment I guess," RVD continued. "That was just what he was saying in the moment, and who knows what he says at any other moment."

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