Tony Schiavone Looks Back On Sting's Run In AEW

The wrestling world has been buzzing since AEW star Sting competed in his final match at AEW Revolution, ending an almost four-decade career. Speaking on his "What Happened When" podcast, Tony Schiavone reflected on Sting's time in the company.


"He and I got reunited with AEW thanks to Tony Khan, and it was [a] pretty damn good three years having Sting with us," Schiavone said. "A crazy three years having Sting with us."

"The Icon" made his debut at the "AEW Dynamite" Winter Is Coming special in December 2020, and competed in his first match at AEW Revolution 2021, where he and Darby Allin defeated Ricky Starks and Brian Cage in a Street Fight. This wasn't the last time he stood toe-to-toe with Starks in the ring, as he and Allin dethroned Starks and Big Bill to win the AEW World Tag Team Championship on February 7 last month. 

"The people in Greensboro really responded to him," Schiavone said, reflecting on Sting's final match. "Really responded to the final match and I'm very proud of that because Greensboro forever lives in my mind. Great entrance using his sons ... just very, very well done."


As Schiavone pointed out, Sting's final match marked the 28th win in his undefeated streak throughout his time in the company. "He just came back like a Superman from each and every move," Schiavone said. "It was a great send-off. Very well booked, very well done."

The legendary star has been offered the opportunity to stay in AEW following his retirement, but Sting dismissed any suggestion of him becoming an on-screen manager or a backstage agent.

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