Backstage Report On AEW Head Tony Khan Meeting With President Of Japanese Promotion

There was plenty of big business happening onscreen at "AEW Dynamite: Big Business" last night, but there was also just as much happening offscreen. That's because AEW owner Tony Khan met with STARDOM President Taro Okada, which in turn led to STARDOM star Mina Shirakawa wrestling Anna Jay in a Ring of Honor match before "Big Business" hit airwaves.


If it all seems to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between AEW and STARDOM, that's because it is. On this morning's "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer confirmed that the plan, at the moment, is for STARDOM talent, along with New Japan and CMLL talent, to be part of this year's edition of Forbidden Door, signaling an alliance between AEW and the Joshi promotion. In addition, it's also believed Shirakawa and former High Speed Champion will be working ROH Supercard of Honor at WrestleMania weekend in three weeks time.

The new relationship between AEW and STARDOM appears to correlate with the departure of STARDOM founder and promoter Rossy Ogawa, who was fired from the promotion in early February. Ogawa's firing was subsequentially celebrated by Khan, which was said to be Khan showing loyalty to STARDOM and its new regime. Ogawa has since revealed he will be starting his own promotion, with former STARDOM star Giulia expected to join him for a few months before signing with WWE.


With Shirakawa's appearance on ROH, she becomes the first STARDOM talent to appear in either AEW/ROH as part of the new alliance between AEW and STARDOM, and the second STARDOM star to appear in AEW/ROH. Former World of Stardom Champion Utami Hayashishita had previously appeared for ROH in July 2023, defeating Trish Adora in singles action.