Tommy Dreamer Gets Candid About AEW Head Tony Khan's NFL Draft Remarks

Last week's wrestling news cycle focused heavily on Tony Khan, with many applauding an angle on "AEW Dynamite" where The Elite laid out the AEW owner, as well as Khan's commitment to selling the attack by wearing a neck brace throughout the NFL Draft. Khan also courted controversy as well, however, when an interview with NFL Network led to Khan criticizing WWE and referring to them as "The Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling," a reference to Janel Grant's ongoing lawsuit against Vince McMahon accusing him of sex trafficking and abuse.


Speaking about the situation on "Busted Open Radio" Monday morning, Tommy Dreamer expressed the sentiment that Khan's comments weren't a good idea, even while admitting that he himself had been guilty of firing shots at rival promotions during his time in ECW.

"This is creating more tribalism, where it's also going to be viewed as 'Hey, how dare you say that?'" Dreamer said. "There's also then the other side, where people can say 'Well, they have this and this going against them.' But if this is all garnered towards a Vince McMahon, Vince no longer has anything to do with the WWE. He sold all his shares, or all his shares are up for sale. He's out. 

"When you are an owner, and you have hatred towards something, or [are] fighting for your life, you are going to take those opportunities. It's just who you are. If you can't control your own tongue, cool, but then again you have to face the ramifications."


Dreamer Syas Tony Khan's Anti-WWE Remarks Put A Negative Spin Towards AEW

While they have continued to distance themselves from McMahon since he resigned in January, WWE isn't in the clear as Dreamer suggested. The promotion is still listed as one of three co-defendants Grant is suing, and current and former executives such as Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon have been named in the lawsuit as being aware of McMahon and Grant's relationship. Nevertheless, Dreamer continued to feel Khan dwelling on the negative was a bad idea, while also believing WWE immediately turned it around on Khan by working with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.


"In 2024, you can't do that," Dreamer said. "You can't [focus on the negatives]. And you have an opportunity [to get] people to tune into your show. Here's the other part of it; this stuff with Patrick's all over the NFL. So WWE comes in, you're the Jacksonville Jaguars, you're the owner, you have a wrestling company as well. It took a negative spin towards you because of what you said. 

"WWE literally just went and turned it, and got the most popular football player, he's a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, and now has him involved at a WWE show. So that was what, Friday? Now we have Monday, and WWE now has a lovely spin on 'Wow, look at this thing. One person called us really bad, but no, the #1 person in the NFL has us here.'"


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