Matt Hardy Teases Update On Jeff Hardy's AEW Future

There's a lot going on in AEW at the moment, perhaps even too much in some regards. One thing currently going on that may have gone unnoticed is the uncertainty over Jeff Hardy's future with AEW, and how it has left his brother, fellow AEW star Matt Hardy, in a state of limbo. Fortunately for Matt, it looks like some clarity may be coming sooner rather than later.

Prior to yesterday's All Out pay-per-view, Matt Hardy responded to a fan on Twitter who earlier had expressed their disappointment Hardy wouldn't appear at the event.

"It's all good, Josh Rosenbaum," Hardy tweeted. "Tonight's AEW All Out is gonna be an epic PPV. It's a stacked AEW card. We're getting close to learning my brother's future, so I'll be taking a definitive direction soon. I'm extremely excited to get on a path so I can haul & kick ass."

Jeff Hardy hasn't been seen on AEW TV since June, following his third arrest for DUI in several years. Hardy is facing criminal charges. The AEW star had attended a wrestling convention with his brother the night before, where he signed autographs and even performed a concert set; during the set, video was captured that appeared to show Hardy drinking.

Following his arrest, Hardy was suspended indefinitely by AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan, who declared that Hardy could only return to AEW if he completed rehabilitation and maintained sobriety for an undisclosed amount of time. Matt Hardy has since confirmed that his brother had entered a treatment program, with Khan referring to Jeff Hardy's treatment as "his last chance" with the promotion.