Andrew Yang Says Wrestlers Joining SAG-AFTRA "Makes A Lot Of Sense"

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has been leading the charge when it comes to unionizing in the professional wrestling industry.

Ever since Wrestling Inc. exclusively reported that WWE was requiring their talent to end any third party relationships, whispers about a union have caught the ear of many wrestlers. The first major casualty in this three month long developing story came on Friday, when Zelina Vega was fired for reportedly starting an OnlyFans account after WWE passed their third party edict. WWE has confirmed that Vega was released for breaching her contract.

Since Vega's firing, support has rolled in everywhere, from former co-workers to complete strangers. Gabrielle Carteris, the President of labor union SAG-AFTRA [The Screen Actors Guild ? American Federation of Television and Radio Artists], tweeted at Vega hours after her firing, offering her support and encouraging Vega to reach out to her privately.

While Yang initially aired his criticism of WWE's business practices when this story was first developing, he reinforced Saturday that he hasn't forgotten about it. Today, Yang responded to Wrestling Inc. on Twitter, endorsing the idea of pro wrestlers joining the aforementioned SAG-AFTRA.

"Pro wrestlers joining SAG-AFTRA makes a lot of sense to me. They star in some of the highest-rated shows on TV each week."

Yang has said in an interview with The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast that a Joe Biden victory could put him "in a position to help these performers get what's been owed to them for years." As of last November 7, Joe Biden has won the 2020 Presidential Election, and is expected to take office on January 20, 2021. It remains to be seen if Biden will appoint Yang to his cabinet.

Stay tuned for more updates.