WWE's 10 Most Feel Good Moments

Pro wrestling is predicated on many things, not the least of which is its ability to get its audience emotionally invested in what they're witnessing. From the storylines to the in-ring action to the frequent pageantry involved, wrestling has the ability to make audiences feel something over even the strangest scenarios. For as much as it can disappoint and enrage viewers periodically, wrestling can be pure magic when all goes well. Nowhere is this on display better than the various times a story arc has culminated in a happy ending.

WWE especially has been responsible for a number of these moments that have resonated with fans over the years. Whether it's a tearful reunion or a long-awaited championship win, WWE has created some true feel-good moments. Listed here are just a few examples of the times that, be it intentionally or by accident, WWE left its audience smiling even after the screen faded to black.

Daniel Bryan wins at WrestleMania

En route to WrestleMania XXX, a wrench was thrown into the WWE gears, and that wrench was named Daniel Bryan. In 2013, Daniel Bryan was quickly becoming a beloved favorite of the WWE Universe. After proving to Randy Orton he wasn't the weakest link, Bryan received a title shot against John Cena at that year's SummerSlam. However, following his victory, Orton arrived with his Money in the Bank briefcase and, one Triple H betrayal later, "The Viper" was once again WWE Champion.

This served as the intro for The Authority, with "The Game" and Stephanie McMahon using their corporate power to constantly shut out Bryan. These attempts to quell Bryan's organic popularity seemed to blur the lines between story and legitimate reality as WWE had him positioned nowhere near the WrestleMania XXX main event at that time. Fans, as to be expected, didn't take too kindly to this and began supporting Bryan more ferociously than ever. With their backs to the wall, WWE creative opted to change plans on the fly and slot the leader of the Yes Movement into the matchup. Not only did Bryan get some much-deserved revenge on Triple H, but he ended up toppling both Batista and Orton in the Triple Threat main event to ascend to the top of the company. The image of Bryan holding both title belts high as confetti rained down around him will forever be an iconic moment in WWE history.


Kofi Kingston began his WWE career as a fresh-faced young rookie who debuted on the ECW brand in January 2008. Soon enough, he was shifted over to the main WWE roster where he began a slow but steady ascent up the card. However, despite some impressive early successes, including an Intercontinental Title reign, Kingston hit some unfortunate speed bumps. This included a spot slip-up amidst a Triple Threat with John Cena and Randy Orton, which thoroughly enraged the latter.

One cry of "Stupid!" later, and Kofi was sent hurtling back down the card, even losing out on a planned Money in the Bank win. Kingston remained in mid-card purgatory until 2013, when Xavier Woods approached him and Big E Langston, proposing an alliance of some sort. This alliance eventually blossomed into The New Day, which after a rocky start, eventually became one of WWE's biggest money-makers.

It was during his time with The New Day that, one fateful night on "SmackDown," lightning would strike once again for Kofi. Following an ill-timed injury to Mustafa Ali, Kingston was granted his slot in a gauntlet match and the Elimination Chamber that followed. The good will Kingston amassed with his efforts in these matches was enough to get Kofi-Mania on everyone's lips. After some admittedly convoluted story swerves, Kofi Kingston made it to WrestleMania 35 in a one-on-one match with "The New" Daniel Bryan. Following an incredible match, Kingston was left holding the WWE Title as he, his kids, Big E, Woods, and a spectating "SmackDown" roster all celebrated his well-deserved return to the main event picture.

Sami Zayn wins the NXT Title

Especially after the 2022 Sami Zayn has had, one thing is certain: The man is a national treasure who must be protected at all costs. Given his success with The Bloodline as an Honorary Uce, the man's understanding of the art of pro wrestling is abundantly clear. But "NXT" fans received ample evidence of this during his formative run during the "Black and Gold" era of the developmental brand during the early-2010s, particularly during his quest for the "NXT" Championship. Despite his best efforts and his unyielding fighting spirit, the title constantly eluded Zayn for the longest time. That is until 2014, when the title found itself around the waist of Zayn's good friend Adrian Neville — known currently in AEW as "The Bastard" PAC.

Despite being good buddies, Neville's status as champion was clearly a point of contention, especially at "NXT" TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way. Just as Zayn was set to secure the three count, Neville yanked the referee out of the ring, much to Zayn's shock. Neville ended up retaining through some heelish methods, setting up a one-on-one matchup between he and Zayn at "NXT" TakeOver: R-Evolution. Add to the fact that Zayn's "NXT" career was also hanging in the balance, and the stakes couldn't have been higher. After 20 minutes of insane in-ring athleticism, Zayn opted not to stoop to Neville's level and decided to win fairly. After a devastating Helluva Kick, Zayn had finally won the "NXT" Championship, much to the joy of the raucous Full Sail audience.

Roman announces he's in remission

When Roman Reigns announced he was battling leukemia, it sent a sizable shockwave throughout the pro wrestling world. For the longest time, many fans had nothing but bottomless disdain for the "Big Dog," seeing him as a cynical attempt to replicate John Cena. However, things changed when Reigns took to the ring in the opening segment of the October 22, 2018 episode of "Raw."

With a microphone in his hands and tears in his eyes, Reigns told the fans in attendance the truth. Breaking any semblance of kayfabe, Reigns explained that his real name was Joe and he'd been dealing with leukemia for 11 years. After a very heartfelt speech in which he promised he'd be back, Reigns left the title in the ring and went up the ramp. There he was joined by his Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, who hugged him in a tearful embrace.

Roman remained AWOL from television until February 2019 when he arrived back on "Raw" to update his fans on his recovery. Thankfully the update was a positive one as Reigns was all too thrilled to announce that he was in remission. Later that same night, Reigns ran out to help Dean Ambrose and the crowd could not have been happier.

Edge Returns at Royal Rumble 2020

When the "Rated-R Superstar" was forced to hang up his boots in 2011 due to injury, fans were heartbroken. However, in the late-2010s, it seemed as though an in-ring return might just be in the cards for the "Ultimate Opportunist." While many fans were hyped, some were more skeptical, as there was no way Edge could ever return given his medical history. However, at the 2020 Royal Rumble, fans were treated to a return that continues to have a ripple effect on the WWE landscape years later.

The 2020 edition of the Royal Rumble is most definitely a match of two distinct halves, both entertaining in their own right. The first half was dedicated to the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar tearing through Rumble entrants in comical succession. Following Lesnar's shock elimination by Drew McIntyre, the match could progress as normal, which led to a whammy of a return. As soon as the clock hit zero for the 21st entrant and "You think you know me?" echoed throughout the stadium, the crowd came unglued. As Edge entered through the smoke, you can see palpable emotion on his face, back again after nine years away. From his first spear back to his stare down with AJ Styles to the Rated-RKO reunion, his first night back was a joyous sight to see.

Eddie Guerrero wins the WWE Championship

In the history of professional wrestling, few talents have garnered as much love from fans and in-ring colleagues as Eddie Guerrero. From his unparalleled in-ring ability to his kinetic energy, it was impossible to not be engrossed by his work. His matches with the likes of Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and Kurt Angle were always high-octane crowd-pleasers. The self-proclaimed "Latino Heat" also had a penchant for lying, cheating, and stealing his way to victory, often in a comical fashion. It was in 2004 though that Guerrero was finally given a chance to shine in the main event scene on "SmackDown."

Following his victory in a battle royal, Guerrero was awarded a WWE Title shot at that year's No Way Out pay-per-view. Unfortunately, this meant Guerrero had to contend with then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, still in the midst of a dominant title reign. It was an uphill battle for Guerrero, but despite Brock repeatedly smashing him into the earth, "Latino Heat" refused to lose. At the match's conclusion, Guerrero utilized his trademark cheating, putting Lesnar in position for the patented frog splash. Once Guerrero had secured the three count, the wave of joy that swept through the crowd was indescribable. For the first time in his career, Eddie Guerrero was going to WrestleMania as WWE Champion, and fans couldn't have been happier.

Mick Foley wins the WWF Championship

Michael Francis Foley had one dream when he was growing up in Long Island: to be a professional wrestler. After years of blood, sweat, and tears — but mostly lots of blood — Mrs. Foley's baby boy made it to the WWF. Stripped of his Cactus Jack persona, Mick Foley was repackaged as the deranged masked psychopath known as Mankind. Despite first being introduced as a sinister heel, Foley's tenacity and grit earned him a place in the hearts of the fans. Eventually, Foley's popularity was too great to ignore anymore, and the company finally opted to crown him as champion.

The manner in which they did it is still regarded as some of the finest television WWE has ever produced. On the January 4 edition of "Raw" in 1999, Foley had managed to secure a title match with The Rock. This came after weeks of feuding with him and the McMahons, who had chosen The Rock as their corporate champion. Infamously, since "Raw" was pre-taped at this time, WCW commentary opted to spoil the match's finish live on "Nitro," which caused viewers to switch over en masse. Curious fans tuned in just in time to see Foley pin The Rock for the title – with a little help from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Additionally, Foley taking time to address his children on the air before taking a victory lap will never fail to make us smile.

Macho Man and Elizabeth reunite

Few pairings in pro wrestling have garnered as much attention as "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Randy Savage was already a box office attraction, but putting the elegant and soft-spoken Miss Elizabeth at his side was a stroke of genius. Her quiet demeanor perfectly counterbalanced Savage's which was predicated on being as loud and boisterous as humanly possible. Their relationship became a consistent staple of WWF programming for many years, showing all of their various ups and downs.

Following their onscreen breakup, Savage brought on Sensational Sherri as his new manager. This also coincided with Savage dethroning Jim Duggan as King of the Ring, subsequently referring to himself as "The Macho King." The fresh pair soon entered into a feud with the Ultimate Warrior, which culminated in a match at WrestleMania VII with Savage's career on the line. Savage ended up losing the match, bringing about the temporary end to his in-ring career and prompting Sherri to turn on him. However, Elizabeth, who'd been watching from the crowd, immediately rushed to the ring to save Savage. In a moment straight out of a romantic drama, Savage and Elizabeth shared an emotional reunion as the crowd roared. Judging by the number of fans caught on camera crying, it's safe to say that their reconciliation was well-received.

Jeff Hardy wins the WWE Championship

Jeff Hardy certainly has developed a devoted fanbase over the years. From his multicolored hair to his armbands to his theme music, everything about him just oozed excitement for many. Alongside his brother Matt, Jeff helped revolutionize tag team wrestling during WWE's Attitude Era, especially through his unparalleled high-risk spots in various multi-team TLC matches. Despite being a fan favorite for years, Hardy had rarely if ever been taken seriously as a contender for the WWE Championship. That is until the late 2000s when Hardy began his journey to main event championship gold.

After a few almost-wins to bait fans, Hardy finally reached the summit at Armageddon 2008 in a main event Triple Threat Match. Squaring off with both Edge and Triple H was more than a challenge but one that Hardy was ready for. Despite his opponents' best efforts, Hardy remained in the match and eventually hit a magnificent Swanton Bomb to pick up the three count and finally claim the WWE Championship to a seismic ovation. The rest of the show was dedicated to letting Hardy soak in his victory, and we can safely say that it was well-deserved.

Jake The Snake Roberts Returns

Jake "The Snake" Roberts' story is truly one of pro wrestling's most brutal, often-unpleasant, but ultimately hopeful tales. In the 1980s, few wrestlers could dominate on the microphone quite like Jake The Snake, easily able to entice audiences with his unique delivery. Whereas most other wrestlers screamed and shouted, Roberts opted to talk slowly and quietly, luring you in with his soothing voice. Despite never winning the WWE Title, Jake is widely regarded as one of the greatest to ever lace a pair of boots.

However, one cannot talk about Jake Roberts without mentioning his various struggles, which he's been quite vocal about. As documented in "The Resurrection of Jake 'The Snake' Roberts," his addiction had become a major problem. From health issues to incidents at indie shows, the future looked bleak for Roberts before Diamond Dallas Page came to his aid. With DDP's help, Roberts was able to make progress in combatting his issues while also getting back into better shape and beginning to live a much healthier life. This resulted in induction into the WWE Hall of Fame but also a surprise appearance on the Old School edition of "Raw" in January 2014. Seeing Roberts, sober and healthy, strut to the ring to place a snake on Dean Ambrose's face will never fail to make us smile.