Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan Questions How WWE Is Booking Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns' record-setting tenure as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion continued this past Saturday at Crown Jewel, where LA Knight became the latest challenger to fall at the feet of the "Tribal Chief." And while Reigns', well, reign has largely been praised from all corners of the wrestling world, some elements of it are starting to get questions. Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan is among those asking. On "Tuesday With The Taskmaster," Sullivan, while making it clear he had nothing against Reigns or the booking of his title reign at large, wondered out loud whether a recurring trope in his championship matches was all that necessary.

"I think Roman has done an incredible job, okay? Incredible," Sullivan said. "The thing I'm starting to question, and this isn't me saying they're not doing the right thing, because they certainly are ... do we need interference on every match?"

To Sullivan's point, Reigns' defenses have increasingly come to rely on interference spots over the last year, with his matches againstĀ Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes, and Knight all seeing members of The Bloodline get involved to help Reigns retain. Perhaps the most notable interference spot in a Reigns title defense came at SummerSlam, where Jimmy Uso betrayed his brother Jey to help Reigns retain, despite both The Usos leaving The Bloodline months earlier. Sullivan may have to wait a bit to see if Reigns will need Bloodline help for his next defense, as the "Tribal Chief" is currently scheduled for some time off, and is not expected to appear at the upcoming Survivor Series.

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