Did Upcoming WWE Venue Just Spoil Cody Rhodes' Return?

Major returns are, in many ways, the backbone of professional wrestling and arguably no return is more anticipated right now than the eventual comeback of one Cody Rhodes. The former AEW star roared back into WWE earlier this year when he defeated Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38 and was still going strong leading into the summer when he tore his pectoral muscle prior to WWE Hell in a Cell. Ever the wrestler though, the Codeman fought through the injury, defeating Rollins yet again and even appearing on "Raw" the next night before heading off to get surgery.

Since then the waiting game has been on regarding when Rhodes could return. While many have predicted a potential surprise appearance in the 2023 Men's Royal Rumble match, WWE initially suggested that Rhodes could miss up to nine months, putting his return right before WrestleMania 39. Rhodes has since disputed the timeline and has also said doctors haven't given him one due to fear he may try to jump it. Regardless, many have expected it will be months before they see Rhodes again and not, per se, twelve days from now in lovely Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Rhodes To Return In Toronto?

And yet, a tweet from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto has people wondering if that may be the case. The tweet was posted two days ago. It advertises yet another singles match between Rhodes and Rollins for the upcoming August 22 edition of "Raw", despite Rhodes not being featured on the poster. Neither Rollins nor Rhodes have commented on the advertisement at this time, though Rhodes did post a tweet earlier Wednesday afternoon simply asking "What's next?"

While the advertisement will surely raise attention, it is not uncommon for arenas to advertise certain matches prior to the event, only for the card to be changed. A Twitter user would even note, after Scotiabank's tweet, that a match between Rhodes and Rollins had been advertised for a recent episode of "Raw" in Houston, Texas. As noted by those who watched the Houston "Raw" on August 1, a Rollins-Rhodes match didn't take place.