WWE Confirms Cody Rhodes’ Successful Surgery

WWE has confirmed that the surgery to Cody Rhodes's pectoral tendon was a success. Rhodes went under the knife on Thursday to repair the torn tendon. Rhodes suffered the injury last week, but still wrestled his scheduled match against Seth Rollins at Sunday's WWE Hell In A Cell.

WWE cited a tweet from Cody's wife Brandi that provided an update on the surgery, "The doctor just repaired Cody's pectoral," Brandi tweeted, "which was torn completely off the bone." Cody had been providing graphic updates on his pectoral's condition, as the bruising spread throughout his arm and torso.

Rhodes became something of a folk hero among wrestlers and wrestling fans, despite the pectoral being completely torn off the bone, Rhodes wrestled for nearly 25-minutes at WWE Hell In A Cell in the event's eponymous match against Seth Rollins. A shocked hush initially fell over the Rosemont, IL crowd when Cody unveiled a massive bruise that would not be out of place in a David Cronenberg film.

Brandi mentioned that the surgery was successful and that Cody was "on the road to recovery," which is expected to last three to five months.

Cody has been one of WWE's most popular talents since returning to the company on April 2nd, 2022. His feud with Seth Rollins is Cody's first since rejoining the company, and Rollins attacked Rhodes the night after Hell In A Cell to incorporate Cody's time off into their storyline.

Cody is the latest popular star to fall to injury in the past few weeks. AEW Champion CM Punk is out of action with a broken foot, AEW Owen Hart Tournament Winner Adam Cole is recovering from a myriad of injuries, and Bryan Danielson is still dealing with an undisclosed injury.