Former WWE Star Enzo Amore Goes To Bat For Vince McMahon

With WrestleMania 39 having set business records, an announced sale to Endeavor and a merger with UFC, and strong viewership numbers for "WWE Raw" this week, WWE should be flying high. Instead, there appears to be a lot of disenchantment in the air among both fans and wrestlers, all brought upon by Vince McMahon seemingly being in control of the promotion's creative aspects once again. As such, McMahon hasn't had a lot of defenders in recent days, aside from maybe Endeavor head Ari Emanuel. But there's one person out there who wants everyone to know he's on McMahon's side. Taking to Twitter, former MLW star Real1, also known in WWE as Enzo Amore, offered up a passionate defense of WWE's Executive Chairman.


"The greatest mind the business has ever known," Amore tweeted. "Getting buried on Twitter. None of the people burying him online are billionaires. It's a brilliant merger, great for sports & entertainment in general." Interestingly enough, Amore didn't address other reasons fans may be upset with McMahon, including the investigation into hush money payments McMahon allegedly made over the course of many years, payments that covered up extramarital affairs and accusations of sexual assault. McMahon acknowledged those matters the other day when discussing the WWE/Endeavor deal, claiming he had "owned up" to all of them.

If nothing else, Amore's defense of McMahon will get him in the news for something other than his recent MLW departure. The 36-year-old was released only days before he was scheduled to face Alexander Hammerstone for the MLW Heavyweight Title, reportedly due to creative differences. Amore would later criticize MLW on Twitter, claiming the promotion falsely advertised the Hammerstone title match and that he never agreed to it.