WWE's Dominik Mysterio Trolls CM Punk With Clip Of Former AEW Star Botching Move

With the holidays getting closer, so to does CM Punk's return to a WWE ring, with the former AEW and WWE World Champion set to wrestle Dominik Mysterio at live events in New York and Los Angeles next week. And Mysterio is wasting no time at trying to get into the controversial Punk's head by reminding him of a bad moment during his time in AEW.

On X Monday afternoon, Mysterio responded to a clip where Punk, while calling an MMA fight, said he had been looking forward to punching Mysterio since the latter was 8 years old. Mysterio requested that Punk punch him the same way Punk punched Austin Gunn during a May 2022 episode of "AEW Dynamite," with Mysterio then posting a gif of Punk attempting a springboard on Gunn, only to slip and fall, resulting in a botched spot.

Oddly enough, Punk's slip-up in that "Dynamite" match was indirectly part of a sequence of events that would ultimately lead Punk back to WWE. The then AEW World Champion had injured himself just before the match when he jumped into the stands, resulting in him taking several months off, and allowing issues with other AEW talents, like "Hangman" Adam Page, to simmer. The tension would explode upon Punk's return, ultimately leading to a series of events that would see Punk fired from AEW, with cause, a year later.

So far, Punk's return to WWE hasn't seen any of the issues he had in AEW, with reports suggesting Punk has been nothing but cordial when appearing on "Raw," "SmackDown," or backstage at "NXT." At this time, it doesn't appear that Punk has responded yet to Mysterio's troll post.