Update On When MJF And Tony Khan’s Meeting Will Take Place

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of "Wrestling Observer Radio," MJF and Tony Khan are set to meet tomorrow following the controversy surrounding AEW's Double Or Nothing weekend.

Problems between the two sides began at the AEW Double or Nothing fan fest this past weekend as MJF no-showed a meet and greet, despite people having bought tickets. While he wasn't the only wrestler not to appear, Samoa Joe also didn't turn up, his situation was different as he seemingly knew he was supposed to be there and opted not to appear.


It was then reported that a plane ticket had been purchased for MJF to leave Las Vegas. However, he did not board the aircraft and fulfilled his duties at AEW's Double Or Nothing where he competed in the opening match against Wardlow. He was defeated in convincing fashion as Wardlow hit a record 10 Powerbombs during his latest symphony of destruction. The win allowed Wardlow to get out of his contract with MJF and officially join the AEW roster, all in storyline, of course. MJF ended up being stretchered to the back.

MJF reportedly turned up just before his match and then left the building immediately after it. During the post-show media scrum, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Khan about the MJF situation, but the AEW President declined to comment.


MJF is apparently set to be taken off the road for at least the next couple of weeks by AEW, although the length of his AEW TV absence could be extended.

Tensions between MJF and AEW have been well-known for several months, with the three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner having made several comments during interviews and on social media about his frustrations. He has also alluded to the possibility of joining WWE when his contract expires in January 2024.