Jeff Hardy's Pre-Trial Hearing Does Not Take Place As Planned

Jeff Hardy's pre-trial hearing for charges of DUI has been delayed more times than a big budget blockbuster stuck in developmental hell. Originally scheduled for August, the hearing was then moved to October, before then being moved to November 17. And if it seemed like the trend was finally going to end yesterday, think again.

PWInsider is reporting that Hardy's pre-trial hearing once again didn't take place as scheduled yesterday. The reason: a continuance filing by Hardy's legal team seeking a delay, which was ultimately granted by the judge. Hardy's pre-trial hearing is now set for December 21, with Hardy scheduled to appear. With the trial date having been moved several times before, however, and reports suggesting that Hardy's team and prosecutors are potentially working on a plea deal, it's feasible this trial date may not come to pass, either.

The delay is yet another twist in the saga of Hardy's latest arrest for DUI, his third in three years, after he was pulled over by police in June the morning after attending a wrestling convention in Florida. Video would later emerge from the convention showing Hardy, who has battled substance abuse issues most of his career, drinking while performing a concert set. He would plead not guilty at the end of June.

The delay in the case seems to suggest that Hardy's absence from AEW, which he joined in March, will be continuing. Hardy has been suspended by AEW since his arrest, with AEW CEO Tony Khan stating he couldn't return until completing treatment or maintaining a certain level of sobriety, with Khan even referring to those steps as Hardy's "last chance." Hardy has since sought treatment, though it's unknown if he completed it.