Depositions Push Tammy Sytch's PreTrial Hearing Date Back

During the past year, a couple of pro wrestling stars have had their pretrial hearings delayed multiple times after their arrests. The most high profile of these instances has been AEW star Jeff Hardy, but right behind him is Tammy Sytch, as the former Sunny's pretrial hearing has been delayed for a third time.


PWInsider is reporting that Sytch's pretrial hearing, which was scheduled to take place this week, has been postponed until February 16. The date was pushed back after Sytch's attorney requested time for three witnesses in the case to be deposed, with the court ultimately agreeing. The February 16 hearing is scheduled to take place at 9 a.m., provided it's not delayed again.

It's now coming up on a year since Sytch was involved in a car accident that saw her vehicle strike another from behind, resulting in the death of a 75-year-old man and injuries to Sytch. She was arrested soon after toxicology reports showed her blood alcohol content was well over the legal limit and, after having her bail revoked, has remained in jail since. The process towards her trial has been slow after Sytch, who plead not guilty, waived her right to a speedy trial in August.


In the meantime, Sytch's situation hasn't been any less newsworthy, as the WWE Hall of Famer has changed attorneys, saw her boyfriend, James Pente, nearly held in contempt of court for threatening a prosecutor, and has been sued, along with Pente, by the family of the victim. Sytch filed to have the suit dismissed in June, but the civil case appears to still be working its way through the Florida court system, although no update was provided today.